all you need when cleaning the energy of a space to find clarity within yourself. the affirmation matches have the mantra "you are light" to remind you to always shine your light by being who you are & staying true to your path. the clear quartz on the palo santo bundle is a balancing stone & will intesify any intentions you have while smudging. the amethyst stone is cleansing & purifying, bringing forth more positivity to a space.

clarity kit - palo santo bundle, matches, & amethyst geode

  • keep the bundle together or unravel. light one end of the palo santo stick (& the lavender if you choose to), burn for about 10 seconds & blow out. to smudge, set an intention & waive the bundle/stick around you body or a space. negative energy will leave while brining positivty in, leaving you feeling light & fresh.