each essential oil roller set comes with a roller of your choice, affirmation matches, a  medium sized geode, & a sustainably sourced palo santo stick. see below for a description of each of the rollers ❁


savasana - named after the yoga pose savasana (pronounced sha-vah-suh-nuh), this blend was created to relax your body & slow your thoughts. complete with an amethyst roller, this gemstone is known to inspire an enhanced meditative state & encourage new ideas. use this roller to soften your body & reflect a quieter state of mind.


breathe - this eucalyptus oil blend promotes a healthy respiratory system & deeper breathing. the jade gemstone is known to be lucky stone promoting the flow of prosperity & abundance into our lives. this roller will jumpstart your meditation practice by helping you breathe fully & bringing you energies of love, wealth & health.


cooldown - a go-to after practicing yoga or on a hot day. peppermint essential oil creates a cooling effect when used on the skin. when inhaling, peppermint is very refreshing & calming, relieving emotional restlessness. the sodalite gemstone is known to help you think rationally & to verbally communicate your thoughts truthfully & clearly.


revive - need a boost of energy to bring you back to life? the red aventurine gemstone is known to raise physical strength & stamina. it also increases the flow of life force, or chi energies. grapefruit essential oil enhances energy & helps improve digestion. together, they will give you that extra push to move forward toward your desires.

essential oil roller sets

  • roll onto palms & rub hands together. cup your hands, bringing them closer to your nose & take a big, slow inhale through the nose.


    other best places to roll this blend onto are the temples, tip of your nose, back of your neck, wrists & the soles of your feet. this blend is perfect for sensitive skin, so roll it wherever you desire.